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"I Unlock Business Owners, Executives & Professionals From Subconscious Limitations To Think Different & Be Limitless In Their Pursuit To LIVE, LOVE & PROSPER


The Process Isn't Magic, Though The Results Can Be Magical

Isaac Lomman

Isaac is the creator of RTH™ Rapid Tranceformation Hypnosis which uses a variety of change techniques including Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Growth Mindset Philosophy and Strategic Results Coaching; Isaac works 1 on 1 with clients to achieve results in all areas of life.

Often his work involved by UN-hypnotising his clients from patterns of behaviour, habits and limiting mindsets and beliefs that no longer serve them. 

His methods breakthrough where many conscious approaches to the problem have failed in the past as he communicates directly with the subconscious mind for a change at the root level, often finding a higher intention to the presenting problem.

His approach is based on education & independence, teaching his clients how to access incredible tools already inside them, to utilise Hypnotic Skills on their own, so that the change is coming from them for lasting results. 

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  • Get clear on where you are and where you want to be

  • How to Get results immediately, even if willpower has failed in the past

  • Customised experience rather than a cookie-cutter approach

  • Profound hypnotic experiences so you know how and why the process is working for you

  • Identify the source of the patterns and subconscious blocks holding you back

  • Show you how to breakthrough to the life you really want

  • Learn if Hypnosis & Coaching is the right tool for your challenges

  • Understand the pricing involved for my Hypnotic Coaching services

What clients say about Isaac

I was 115kgs when I walked into your workshop. Now I'm 95kgs

I was 115kgs when I walked into your workshop. Now I'm 95kgs. Seriously don't even look like the same person anymore. I haven't even reached my final goal yet, and I'm already so happy with how far I've come. I honestly don't know how to thank you, this has completely changed my life

Alyce Manikas

Hypnosis Weight Loss Client

No withdrawals and absolutely not keen to smoke again

"Took a give up smoking session with Isaac over 12 months ago. Quit smoking immediately after the session and have not had one since, no withdrawals and absolutely not keen to smoke again. Thanks to Isaac...and a little will power...I can now officially say i'm a non smoker !! Feeling great ! Cant believe I actually used to smoke ! So...if you are a smoker, WANTING to quit....I highly recommend that you have a session with Isaac...start feeling good again Never look back"

Justin McGrath

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Client

Frequently Asked Question

Will I be out of control?

Most people who come to see a Hypnotist are ALREADY feeling out of control. This process give you BACK the control you're looking for.

Will I do silly things like they do on stage?

Certainly Not! This is all about positive, powerful transformation as you step into becoming the person you choose to me.

What if I can't be hypnotised?

Everyone who can learn can be hypnotised. If you are committed to change and open to taking on new ideas you will have a postive and results orianted experience.

When can we get started?

This typically varies throughout the year but expect at least 1 week before we can begin sessions, sometimes it's a few weeks out.


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